Thursday, June 22, 2017

Flowers, Pottery by Lisa Walker

"Apple Blossoms" 
created in Westwood by Lisa WB Walker

Using an actual apple blossom twig and her own hand carved stamps, 
Lisa created her "apple blossom" collection. Stamps were used to "draw" her textured 
"pictures"; color was added by hand painting with watercolor underglazes. 
A clear glaze completes each piece to make them functional for food.

Lisa was inspired by her apple blossoms in her front yard

making the work using stamps on wet clay

painting the work once it is dry
they are fired in a kiln before adding glaze and firing for the second time

finished work at the Dedham Guild

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Viewer's Picks, Dennis Stein, June artist of the Month

Guild's June Artist of the Month: Photographer, Dennis Stein

Dedham Square Artist Guild, 553 High Street, Dedham Square

On Saturday, June 3 at the opening reception, members of the public choose from a pile of original photographs. The viewer got to help Dennis pick out which photographs he should hang as part of his show. 

We asked people to write/dictate a sentence or two about what draws you to that particular work. The chosen prints will remain on display for all of June.

Custom prints from the show may be ordered in matted, framed, or loose print format.

Some of the comments about the photos viewers picked, see the photo above

Starts at the top left and goes down

1. Love the movie theater print. The colors, placement, architecture. 

2. Love the energy of this one. The dogs seem so happy and free. 

3. The shadows and angles and then one way go 2 ways. The interplay of angles. 

4. Soft angles, intriguing composition. Beautiful elements that come together with mystery.

To see more comments and the photos in person 
visit the Dedham Square Artist Guild

"I presently am an iPhoneographer, creating all my images using apps on the phone and iPad. I still use film cameras on occasion, specifically plastic cameras and pinhole cameras. I do my own printing on an Epson Pro 4900 and use archival papers." - Dennis Stein

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Join us for a Book Signing Sunday, June 25th

This event will now happen on Sunday, June 25th

Join us for
Big Dan Runs the Marathon
Book Signing!

Dan wrote the book to tell a good story and maybe inspire more kids to run or simply want more out of life. He also wanted to reach the lesson that sometimes just accomplishing something is it's own reward and not everything has to be about winning. Or being the best. 

Sunday, June 25th at 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM

Dedham Square Artist Guild

553 High Street, Dedham Square

The talented illustrator of this book, 

Karine Makartichan will also be displaying 

her art during the book signing event

I am an artist and fine arts professional with more than 15 years of professional background. During my professional experience I have participated in more than 20 exhibitions throughout the world.