Thursday, February 23, 2012

Guild Artist Interview, Alice Donaldson

Where are you favorite subjects to photograph?
It seems I have always had a camera close by. My photos have progressed through experience. Always learning, studying and doing is the key. My inspiration has been my travels through out Europe, New Zealand, Australia and the US. I want my viewer to be moved by the grandeur and beauty of our world. Each Landscape is unique and my hopes are to portray this.

Where are you favorite subjects to photograph?
My favorites are the vastness of the Landscape too the minuteness of a delicate flower.

Where Do you like to photograph in the Dedham/Boston Area? 
Millennium Park, The Arboretum, my street, anywhere on the Charles River.

You like to travel, Where do you like to travel too and photograph?
 My second passion in life is travel. Some of my very favorite places has been the South Island of New Zealand, with its 'Southern Alps', rain forests, glaciers, coastal rock formations and glorious beaches. The west coast of Australia, for the Tasman Sea has a special glow and calmness about it, plus the uniqueness of its landscape.

Europe is an exciting place; from Italy, Switzerland, England, Scotland, Ireland and beyond.

I would like to point out that you do not need to travel to find beautiful photos. They are everywhere. Get out into nature, a flower in your yard, a piece of wood, a simple rock, a majestic tree. See the shapes, forms and the way light plays on your subject.

You don't have a printer a home where do you have your prints made? 
 The Web is wide open to explore different sights. You just sign up and order. Some of my favorites are, where you can design a photo book, for canvas pop art, to print your own calendar, and,, for prints.

Websites will make prints, in all standard sizes, in standouts, canvas wrap around's, and canvas boards. Try different papers.

The selection is vast, such as Pearl cover, Linen cover, Flat, Matte, E-Surface, experiment and have fun.

I have found it to be cost effective to use online services, do too the high cost of quality printers. I have always been extremely satisfied with the product and the delivery time.

Why do you feel support of local art is important?
 Local Art is a wonderful way for the community to experience the vast and varied talent that is out there. To ponder a beautiful painting, soak in the meaning of a great sculpture, gaze with wonder at a photograph, hold a vase that was lovingly made. It's a sharing experience all can relate too.

To see more of Alice's work come by the gallery or look online

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