Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Artist Interview - Guild Member, Lisa W.B. Walker

When did you start in Ceramics?
I took my first ceramics class as a senior in High School. I loved it so much, it made me want to study Art in college.

Do you have a studio? how did you find it?
Potters Place, a not for profit pottery school and cooperative studio, in Walpole is the studio where I do most of my work. I found Potters Place when a friend told me about a fabulous pottery class she was taking. I signed up, took a few classes and because a membership in 2005. About a year and a half ago, I created space at home for a studio. I like the option to be in either place based on my creative needs.

What inspires your designs?
Seasonal change is inspirational for me. Warmer weather inspires me to think about flowers, softer colors and forms like vases, bowls for weddings, summer salads; In the fall, I tend to use a lot of leaf like surface decoration, bolder colors, forms that are functional for serving food for holidays, etc. I am also inspired by food and how it works in tandem with functional pottery. My weekly musings on this subject can be found on my blog, "food and pottery".

What are you favorite techniques?
My favorite technique right now is slip trailing (painting with wet clay). I use this technique in tandem with stamping, carving, and painting with underglazes and glazes.

Did you take classes in ceramics or are you self taught?
I took 4 years of ceramics at Skidmore College along side painting and photography. Graduating with a studio art degree, I started working in the field of photography, then got a great job as a visual merchandiser for a women's clothing store. Not until that friend mentioned the pottery class did I start up with ceramics again. It was like riding a bike and I've never looked back. This past summer I took a soda fire workshop at Harvard University. There is always something new you can learn.

How did you hear about the Dedham Square Artist Guild?
Kerry Hawkins and I had a gallery show (story here) together in Norwood at Custom Art Framing last summer. I went to the opening of DSAG to support her and found a fantastic group of artists milling around with their artwork. I went home and applied to become a member.

Where else do you show your Ceramics?
Custom Art Framing/gallery 9 in Norwood; Potters Place open studio shows in Walpole; spring, summer and fall farm stands at Powisset Farm in Dover

What are some of your future projects?
I am offering a tile carving workshop in April through the Guild. Through a grant, I am working with 5th graders in Westwood on a commemorative tile project in May and June. 

You can see Lisa's work at Mocha Java in Dedham Square and at The Dedham Guild www.lisawbwalker.com

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