Saturday, March 3, 2012

It's Here, All America Quilt

Our All-America Quilt square was quilted together by two Dedham residents, Deb Arscott and Kathy Bombara after discussing the theme with our team captains at Town Hall. It took approximately 20 hours to make and features all three types of appliqué: hand appliqué, machine appliqué and iron appliqué plus hand embroidery and thread painting.

It is done in what is known as the "Baltimore Album Style" and has the Dedham Town Seal as its topic. The Dedham 375 Anniversary logo is in the bottom left corner and the Dedham Pottery Rabbit is featured on the bottom right by permission of the Dedham Historical Society. The acorns adorning the top right and left corners refer to the Avery Oak which is featured in the Town Seal at center.

The original name of Dedham when it was first settled in 1635 was Contentment. In the center is the Old Avery Oak which was standing when the Town was founded and stood until it fell in the Hurricane of 1938. The gavel, used at Board of Selectmen meetings to this day, was carved from the wood of the Avery Oak. The Oak is an enduring symbol of Dedham.

The scales of Justice at the top of the seal represent Dedham as the county seat and home to the Superior and District Court.  On the left of the tree are agricultural instruments and on the right is a factory, showing Dedham's history first as a town of farmers and then a one with a number of mills and factories, particularly along Mother Brook in East Dedham.  

The quilt will be on display at Dedham Town Hall and then at The Dedham Square Artist Guild

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