Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mini paintings by Rich Humphrey

The Minis came about by a two-fold inspiration ..... the one being our own member artist who does the small 1 1/2 square minis on the easels Maggie Carberry and the other being the Facebook Art Group: "Miniature/small Paintings & Drawings"

I learned through my Facebook artist network that "Miniatures" are generally works done on a scale smaller than 8" x 10" As I was already doing 5" x 7"s, I challenged myself to see if I could go smaller.

I was invited to join this "Miniature/small Paintings & Drawings" art group by an artist friend of mine, which holds monthly contests for best painting and/or drawing.

Through some research, I've also learned that back before the was a thing called "photography" wealthy families would commission artists to do full scale portraiture and also the artists would be commissioned to create miniatures or pocket sized pieces on wood panels of family members. Portraits inside of lockets come to mind, also There is a "society" of miniaturists on the web who use these miniatures (standard business card size) as trading cards much like kids use baseball cards.

Although the pieces are small in size, nothing can be taken away from the time/labor involved in producing these pieces. Yes, less paint but finer detail! In doing these pieces, I've gained a greater respect for smaller brushes!

From Rich Humphrey

These miniatures are available in the Dedham Square Artist Guild

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