Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Artist interview, Guild Member, Cat Ciccolo Tucker

Have you always been creative? I’m not sure about creative… but I have always seemed to create. As a kid, I would hang out in the basement for hours only to emerge with a drawing, painting, or sculpture in tow. My parents were both art teachers so I had plenty of encouragement and supplies to fumble around with.

When did you start doing woodcuts? I made my first woodcut during my undergrad degree. I initially took the course because I loved the idea of being able to buy most of the supplies at a hardware store.

 What are your favorite subjects for woodcuts? 
 I use anything with a lot of pattern and contrast – usually based on my own photography, travels and doodles.

What is the hardest thing about doing woodcuts?
The lengthy time commitment and size restrictions of the press.

What do you like best about doing woodcuts? I became hooked with the physicality (carving and lugging the boards takes some strength!) and contrast of the media. I also like having an image that I can make several of and can somewhat distance myself from. Unlike a mark on a piece of paper, there are enough steps between the process and the end result so that although personal, I am somewhat removed.

If someone wanted to learn about doing woodcuts where would be a good place to go? take a class?
Local art colleges offer classes, some museums as well. I hope to offer a class at the DSAG this summer.

You teach art, what is the best part of teaching art?
You get paid to teach and the learning is free. I love how the flow of information cycles and grows from what I pass onto my students to what they pass onto each other and then pass back to me… and all over again. In art, there is never just one solution, so problem solving and finding new ways of doing things are common and keeps things interesting and different. An added bonus is that I always seem to have an interesting, usually comical, story to tell at the end of each day.

I know you make books with your work and recycled papers but what other art or craft do you do?
Anything and seemingly everything – I like making stop-motion animations, do freelance graphic design, build and use pin-hole cameras, currently I’m taking an Intaglio printmaking class, and enjoy throwing on the wheel (usually in my garage in the summer).

Where do you show your work? 
In the past few months my work has been in the Dedham Square Art Guild, the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (one of my prints was selected to be auctioned off with proceeds going to the Big Sisters of Boston), local businesses, Zullo Art Gallery, and the Weston Public Library.

To see Cat's work stop by the Guild and see her at The Endicott Estate during Dedham Open Studios

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