Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Artist Interview, Painter, Ted Cormier

When did you start painting?  
I have memories of painting going back to when I was 4 years old.  It has been a love of mine ever since.

What influences your art? 
Pop culture, other artists work, nature, and my imagination.

You paint in several mediums, what is your favorite? and why?  
Truthfully I do not have a favorite.  I choose my medium based on my mood or sometimes based on the desired outcome of the work for a show or for a client.

What are your favorite subjects to paint?  
Things in nature, landscapes, and abstracts.

What is the most important thing to you about creating?  
Creating works of art fulfills a selfish need of mine which is to stay sharp and creative, using my skills and challenging myself to do better.  There is also a wonderful sense of pride and fulfillment when one of my creations is purchased because I know it will bring happiness in people’s homes or offices for years to come.

How long have you lived in Dedham? 
Since 2006

What changes have you seen in the community since moving to Dedham?  
Legacy Place certainly changed Dedham, I think for the better.  I also have seen the new playground go up in East Dedham which, my son loves. 

Any future Projects you are working on? 
Preparing for Dedham Open Studios, a solo show at the Revolver in the UForge gallery in Jamaica Plain and Jamaica Plain Open Studios in September.

You show your art at the Guild but where else do you show your art?  
Solo & group shows all over Boston, mostly Jamaica Plain.

You can find Ted's work at the Gallery and see more work on this link

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