Thursday, April 5, 2012

Clay Baskets and Chocolate Eggs by Lisa W.B. Walker

While vacationing in North Carolina this past summer, I visited Seagrove.  In their shop, I spotted a wonderful little clay basket. You can see it on the bottom shelf in the photo to the left. 

I thought: "You can only make that in clay!"

When I began to create my spring collection, I knew I wanted to include a basket.

My interpretation... wheel thrown and pinched.  
Hand pulled handle across with a swirl stamp.

I like the contrast between a soft white "liner" and 
a strong colored glaze for the exterior. 
The baskets hold flowers.  They would work well as a gift for Mother's Day.
I can imagine a flower girl in a wedding using one. 

The Easter bunny arrives on Sunday morning! 

complete with a bunny tag!

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