Friday, April 20, 2012

Lisa Walker's Build a Bunny Class

Notes from our class this week.

One of our inspirations, Dedham Pottery Bunny sits on some fun children's books about bunnies. Something for us to take a peak at to help form the bunny

Tools for the class. There were some stamps so we were able to stamp our initials inside the bunny

Lisa's finished Bunny for inspiration. Her name is Flora

We start with a ball of clay. It feels so good in your hands

Forming our Bunnies. Lisa was really good at teaching how to work with the clay to form our bunnies.

Lisa showing us technique

Bunny Student Sarah's Bunny. I love the expression and look of this Bunny. This bunny has a wonderful feel to it.

Lisa made this little guy. Great expression. Very brooding or... You decide

I named my Bunny Milly, after my kitty. Not bad for the first time making a bunny

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