Thursday, April 12, 2012

Studio Visit, Lisa Houck

I had the pleasure of being able to visit Lisa Houck's studio in the South End Last week. It was full of her art. If you have seen Lisa's art it is colorful and she uses tons of patterns. Lisa paints, draw and works with ceramics. Her studio was a feast for the eyes

 Lisa is also working on a Dedham Public Art Project Rabbit. Her design is very colorful and bright. It is sure to stand out wherever it lives in Dedham.

Lisa has quite a bit experience with public art projects and has brought her expertise to this Dedham Project.

It was fun photographing all her tools of the trade, pencils, paintbrushes, paint, drawings and more... 

Lisa has her work on display at the Dedham Guild. She has art, prints, ceramic pins, bowls, single card and card sets of her designs. Stop by and take a look.

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