Thursday, May 31, 2012

New Work by Guild Member Cat Ciccolo Tucker

Cat Ciccolo Tucker has recently brought in new work to the Gallery. She recently visited Italy. It has been a wonderful influence on her work

Influenced by recent trips abroad, my new work at the gallery is mostly intaglio, drypoint and mezzotint printmaking.  I am drawn to layers of repeating pattern, as in the view of countless rooftops and the intricate detail of an ornate picture frame.  This new work tends to hover between realistic and abstracted subject matter.  The multi-step processes of printmaking with zinc plates, rockers, acid baths and soaked paper is time-consuming, somewhat unpredictable... but, also very rewarding and deliberate.  - Cat Ciccolo Tucker

Cat has new prints framed and unframed as well as new greeting cards. Stop by and take a look

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Diary of a Rabbit, Dedham Glass Art

Please watch this video Diary of a Rabbit... by Dedham Glass Art. Dedham Glass Art is a mosaic glass art design group. It's members are Dedham Guild Member Jill Barry and Mike Glowacki.

This rabbit was part of the Dedham Public Art Project. It is among the first five to be decorated by area artists. Four out of the five four-foot-high rabbits were painted and Jill and Mike's was decorated with glass. A very big task and one that took about two months.

Jill and Mike held a raffle to guess how many pieces of glass it took to decorate the rabbit. Drum role please, 23, 511 pieces of glass. The closest guess was 23, 327. The artists also used glow-in-the-dark grout. It was an experiment that really paid off.

They held the raffle to support Community Autism Resources, a Massachusetts non-profit. It is an organization that supports individuals on the Autism Spectrum with valuable services.

Jill and Mike raised $400 dollars for Community Autism Resources and was matched by Verizon for a total of $800. This cause is near and dear to Jill's heart. She has a son with Autism.

The rabbit will eventually reside in Oakdale Square in Dedham, MA.

This project is managed by the umbrella group to Dedham Public Art Project and non-profit Dedham Shines.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Artists of the Month Series, John Dorsey

June 7th is First Thursday in Dedham Square. First Thursday is also our art opening event happening each month. We have an ongoing series called "Artists of the Month". We pick two artists to showcase their work. Much of the work is brand new and hasn't been seen before. This month one of the featured artist is ceramic Artist and Guild Member, John Dorsey. He will be on hand to answer any questions about his work and his inspiration. The event will go from 5-8pm, Light refreshments will be served. Please join us next week

Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer Brights, New Necklaces from Monica Fairbairn

Monica Fairbairn has been busy making new necklaces for the Dedham Guild. For these necklaces she has used Tagua beads and smaller beads. Several of the necklaces have repurposed beads and make for lovely designs.

It is almost summer and these necklaces let you make a bold but, elegant statement. Tagua beads resembles elephant ivory and can be carved like ivory. It is a renewable material. More on the Tagua here.

These necklaces make a prefect gift or maybe for yourself.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Giant Rabbit in our Window, Dedham Guild

The painted Rabbit was moved from it's storage place to the Dedham Square Artist Guild last night. It will be his new home for awhile.

We got lots of curious looks from area residents and businesses. After all, it is a very cool, giant rabbit!

Nick shores up the table where the bunny sits.

Details of the Rabbit (below)

He sits nicely in the Dedham Guild Window.

This rabbit is part of the Dedham Public Art Project. It was painted by Dedham Guild Member, Marietta Apollonio. His name is "Townie". He is painted in wonderfully bright colors and detail.
Marietta painted out name on the window. It looks perfect with the Rabbit. 

After all that work we stopped by Deli after Dark for a bite to eat

Come by the Guild at 553 High Street, Dedham Sq and check him out

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend - what to bring?

By Lisa W.B. Walker

Memorial Day Weekend in New England means jumping in the car and heading to the beach. That's what I plan to do because I hear the weather is going to clear up and be beautiful...yeah!
Votive with leaf decoration. (Dedham Square Artist Guild).
 Arriving with a hostess gift is a great way to make a good impression.  Whether it is family or friend, my colorful votives make a nice affordable gift.  Stop by the Dedham Guild to see the other colors.

Candles aglow in wheel thrown hand stamped and decorated votives.
Food and Pottery Connection:
Easy-Peasy for a weekend of fun in the sun New England style

Make this:
Shrimp Salad - 
Heart of the Home Cookbook by Susan Branch (Notes from a Vineyard Kitchen)

Large size cooked shrimp, chopped
Fresh Pink grapefruit sections
orange juice

Put an equal amount of chopped shrimp, cubed avocado and pink grapefruit sections into a (handmade) bowl.  Dress with a little mayonnaise sweetened and thinned with orange juice. 

Serve Chilled In this:
wheel thrown hand trimmed bowl in dark green/blue glossy glaze
If you really had a nice time, wash the bowl and leave it for your host... I'm sure you'll be invited again.

One of a kind dark green/blue glossy bowl is available at the Dedham Square Artist Guild at 553 High Street in Dedham, MA.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

That prefect gift for her

Looking for that special graduation or birthday gift made by a local artist for your daughter, mother, aunt, friend or wife. The Dedham Guild represents many jewelry art its including Cristina Hurley's work (below)
We also have a selection of jewelry from Monica Fairbairn, Barbara Trainer, Melanie Guerra and Maggie Carberry. All made by artists. You can choose from funky to more traditional pieces.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Handmade Gift Ideas from the Dedham Guild

Are you looking for a house warming gift or hostess gift? Just that little something that makes the right gift. It doesn't have to be expensive but thoughtful. What about these Napkin rings from Assante Beads. Handmade from recycled materials. A gift with a story.

There is also Lisa Walker Pottery currently for sale in the Guild along side John Dorsey's work
Lisa has brought in some new pieces. The bowls make great vessels for fresh strawberries or blueberries. We also carry her votive holders. They come in four different designs and many color choices. Do you have a favorite teacher? Or want to thank someone for doing a great job? These would do the trick.

John Dorsey has recently brought some of his unique mugs in the Gallery. They have a handy little indent that makes the mush/cups easy to hold. They make a great gift for a man or woman. Add a few packets of tea to your the cup and your gift is made. Each cup is a unique design!

Handmade and locally produced gifts can have much more meaning than a mass produced item. Stop by Thursday - Sunday this week.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Colorful Rabbits, Dedham Square

The Dedham Public Art Rabbits. They were debuted yesterday at Dedham Open Studios. They look fantastic. They will be eventually auctioned off to benefit the Motherbrook Art and Community Center in Dedham. 

They were a hit with the adults and kids of all ages. What is your favorite!

1. Painted by Sarah Jane Cassie  2. Guild Co-founder, Marietta Apollonio 3. Lisa Houck 4. Guild Member Gary Koeppel

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Art Show Prep, Dedham Open Studios

I start collecting work from my art storage and think about what I want to bring to a show. Often I pile things in baskets, a bit willy nilly. You have to think about the audience the show is going to attract. Will there be crafters and artisans at the show or is it all fine art. Most show I do are a combination of craft and fine art.

The table I am using for the show is 6 ft by 3ft. My kitchen table is a bit bigger. I took some measurements and set up my tablecloth to the the size I have. I had the help from my cat, Milly. Well she was not really helpful

Always bring business cards and I like to have a small bio framed in case anyone is interested. It is good to have the business cards and postcards in a spot that is easy for people to see and reach. Some people may look at your e-shop or site later.

Once, I have everything set up, I like to take a photo and use this as a guide to my set-up when I get to the venue. It also helps me see how everything looks together. Does it make sense? Can all my art be seen whiteout looking two jumbled.

Then it is time to price everything. Most of my work has prices but I feel there should be no guessing by the people looking at your art. I used to find pricing things kind of hard. What to price it, is it too high or too low. I am getting a groove over the years.

I made a series of very small gift cards. I played with the display of them. Does it look enticing to a viewer. Will they see them? Should they be separated from the other greeting cards? All things to think about.

Milly was highly entertained in my set-up practice.

Now, it is time to pack up and hopefully, packed up in a easy, logical way

It is hard to believe all of my work for Dedham Open Studios live in just these three baskets.

It is always good to make a checklist wether written down or in your head. Things to bring are work to work on. People like to see artists at work, pens, paper, snacks, mailing list sign-up, business cards, postcards, easels, tablecloth, table, chair, lighting (if you can). I know I am forgetting something, hence the written list. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Burst of Color, Drawings of Marietta Apollonio

Guild member and cofounder, Marietta Apollonio will be showing special illustrations for Dedham Open Studios at The Dedham Guild. Her drawings are full of color, wit and whimsy. She will also be selling greeting cards of her own design. If you have seen her work at the guild you will know the wonderful illustrative quality of her work.

Be sure to make the Guild one of your Sunday stops. We have tons of local art and open studio maps.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Creativity on Video, First Rabbit painted by Marietta Apollonio

It is hard to believe that the Dedham Public Art Project came off the ground but, It did! There are many dedicated artists and people working on the project involving these painted rabbits, under the umbrella of then non-profit, Dedham Shines.

These are two videos of the Painting of Marietta Apollonio's Rabbit design. Five of the rabbits will be revealed and on display at the Dedham Open Studios this Sunday. Don't miss it. May20th 11-5pm

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Glass Mosaic Bunny News, Jill Barry

Photo by Jill Barry

Mosaic Bunny Fundraiser for Community Autism Resources!!
My name is Jill Barry and I am a Glass Mosaic Artist from Mansfield and a member of the Dedham Guild. I was recently selected along with fellow artist Mike Glowacki to mosaic a 5 foot long, 4 foot tall bunny for the town of Dedham.

Starting this spring 15 fiberglass bunnies will be painted, etc… by selected artists and placed around town for the public to enjoy. The bunnies will then be collected and auctioned off in the fall to help raise money for a new Community Arts Center in town.

Mike and I are very excited and honored to be part of this project and as we discussed our plans we thought it would be fun to keep track of the number of pieces of glass that we place on the bunny.

We are going to hold a raffle for people to guess the number of pieces of glass we used. The cost is $2.00 per guess and the person who guesses closest will win two tickets to the Red Sox.
All of the money raised through this raffle will be donated to Community Autism Resources.

My son Luke has Autism and I have relied on Community Autism Resources many times over the years. As you may know it can be a scary and painful experience for your child to receive a diagnosis of Autism. 

I remember feeling completely lost and overwhelmed until I found Community Autism Resources. As with most supports you don’t realize how much you need them until you finally find them! Community Autism Resources is a Lighthouse for families like mine and I am truly thankful for them. The advice, classes, activities, and overall support they offer are invaluable. Being able to give back to them through this special raffle makes me very happy.

On Sunday, May 20th, the first five bunnies will be unveiled in Dedham Square. In addition to the bunnies, the Dedham Open Studios event will also be taking place, and approximately 100 local artists will be displaying and selling their amazing art in various places around the town. 

There will be free parking at the Endicott Estate in Dedham, and shuttle busses will leave every 30 minutes. You can learn more about this event

Mike and I will be in the Square with the bunny and holding our raffle, so come wander around, take a guess at the pieces, and help supportCommunity Autism Resources and our kids!! Thank you, Jill Barry

P.S. The bunny glows in the dark. Special grout was used to make this effect

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Dedham Open Studios Next Sunday

Dedham Open Studios, 11-5pm is next Sunday. The Dedham Guild is the Dedham Open Studios headquarters and features the art of Marietta Apollonio

Blue Bird by Marietta Apollonio

Many of the Guild artists are involved and showing at Dedham Open Studios. 

The list includes: Endicott Estate, Gary Koeppel, Wendy Birchmire. Cat Ciccolo Tucker, Ted Cormier, Monica Fairbairn, Richard Humphrey, Gillian Jackson, Paula Lazar, and Cindy Mootz

First Church: Rali Weaver, Barye Lane Hall and Dennis Stein

Dedham Community House: Kerry Hawkins, and Melanie Guerra

Dedham Community Theatre: Maggie Carberry

Blue Bunny: Peter Reynolds

Allin Church: Alice Donaldson and John Dorsey

Home Studios: Lisa Houck, Gints Grinsberg, Diana Hampe, Kevin and Leslie Bowen

One of the things that is great about open studios is that you get to talk with the artists and ask them about their process and their craft and art, You also see new and current art that the artist is working on. 

This will be a fun filled and exciting one day event. Don't miss it.

Painting by Gary Koeppel

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Friday, May 11, 2012

What is precious metal clay?

These wonderful PMC pieces are by Melanie Guerra and they are for sale in the Guild

PMC (precious metal clay) is pure silver ground to a fine powder & mixed w/ an organic clay material. This creates a substance to work with that is similar to potters clay, which can be cut, sculpted, carved, stamped & manipulated into any shape, texture, etc... 

It is then fired in a kiln & the clay material burns off, leaving just the .999 fine silver, in the shape created before firing! (fine silver is a slightly more pure silver than  sterling, .925). Then there are many polishing, stone setting & finishing techniques, and the pieces can stand on their own or be incorporated into beadwork, etc. It is a blend of pottery, sculpture & silver smithing

Melanie Guerra is giving a class on PMC this month. Information here 

Melanie will also be at Dedham Open Studios coming up on May 20th.