Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Diary of a Rabbit, Dedham Glass Art

Please watch this video Diary of a Rabbit... by Dedham Glass Art. Dedham Glass Art is a mosaic glass art design group. It's members are Dedham Guild Member Jill Barry and Mike Glowacki.

This rabbit was part of the Dedham Public Art Project. It is among the first five to be decorated by area artists. Four out of the five four-foot-high rabbits were painted and Jill and Mike's was decorated with glass. A very big task and one that took about two months.

Jill and Mike held a raffle to guess how many pieces of glass it took to decorate the rabbit. Drum role please, 23, 511 pieces of glass. The closest guess was 23, 327. The artists also used glow-in-the-dark grout. It was an experiment that really paid off.

They held the raffle to support Community Autism Resources, a Massachusetts non-profit. It is an organization that supports individuals on the Autism Spectrum with valuable services.

Jill and Mike raised $400 dollars for Community Autism Resources and was matched by Verizon for a total of $800. This cause is near and dear to Jill's heart. She has a son with Autism.

The rabbit will eventually reside in Oakdale Square in Dedham, MA.

This project is managed by the umbrella group to Dedham Public Art Project and non-profit Dedham Shines.

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