Friday, May 25, 2012

Giant Rabbit in our Window, Dedham Guild

The painted Rabbit was moved from it's storage place to the Dedham Square Artist Guild last night. It will be his new home for awhile.

We got lots of curious looks from area residents and businesses. After all, it is a very cool, giant rabbit!

Nick shores up the table where the bunny sits.

Details of the Rabbit (below)

He sits nicely in the Dedham Guild Window.

This rabbit is part of the Dedham Public Art Project. It was painted by Dedham Guild Member, Marietta Apollonio. His name is "Townie". He is painted in wonderfully bright colors and detail.
Marietta painted out name on the window. It looks perfect with the Rabbit. 

After all that work we stopped by Deli after Dark for a bite to eat

Come by the Guild at 553 High Street, Dedham Sq and check him out

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