Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Glass Mosaic Bunny News, Jill Barry

Photo by Jill Barry

Mosaic Bunny Fundraiser for Community Autism Resources!!
My name is Jill Barry and I am a Glass Mosaic Artist from Mansfield and a member of the Dedham Guild. I was recently selected along with fellow artist Mike Glowacki to mosaic a 5 foot long, 4 foot tall bunny for the town of Dedham.

Starting this spring 15 fiberglass bunnies will be painted, etc… by selected artists and placed around town for the public to enjoy. The bunnies will then be collected and auctioned off in the fall to help raise money for a new Community Arts Center in town.

Mike and I are very excited and honored to be part of this project and as we discussed our plans we thought it would be fun to keep track of the number of pieces of glass that we place on the bunny.

We are going to hold a raffle for people to guess the number of pieces of glass we used. The cost is $2.00 per guess and the person who guesses closest will win two tickets to the Red Sox.
All of the money raised through this raffle will be donated to Community Autism Resources.

My son Luke has Autism and I have relied on Community Autism Resources many times over the years. As you may know it can be a scary and painful experience for your child to receive a diagnosis of Autism. 

I remember feeling completely lost and overwhelmed until I found Community Autism Resources. As with most supports you don’t realize how much you need them until you finally find them! Community Autism Resources is a Lighthouse for families like mine and I am truly thankful for them. The advice, classes, activities, and overall support they offer are invaluable. Being able to give back to them through this special raffle makes me very happy.

On Sunday, May 20th, the first five bunnies will be unveiled in Dedham Square. In addition to the bunnies, the Dedham Open Studios event will also be taking place, and approximately 100 local artists will be displaying and selling their amazing art in various places around the town. 

There will be free parking at the Endicott Estate in Dedham, and shuttle busses will leave every 30 minutes. You can learn more about this event atwww.dedhamopenstudios.org.

Mike and I will be in the Square with the bunny and holding our raffle, so come wander around, take a guess at the pieces, and help supportCommunity Autism Resources and our kids!! Thank you, Jill Barry www.dedhamglassart.com

P.S. The bunny glows in the dark. Special grout was used to make this effect

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