Friday, May 11, 2012

What is precious metal clay?

These wonderful PMC pieces are by Melanie Guerra and they are for sale in the Guild

PMC (precious metal clay) is pure silver ground to a fine powder & mixed w/ an organic clay material. This creates a substance to work with that is similar to potters clay, which can be cut, sculpted, carved, stamped & manipulated into any shape, texture, etc... 

It is then fired in a kiln & the clay material burns off, leaving just the .999 fine silver, in the shape created before firing! (fine silver is a slightly more pure silver than  sterling, .925). Then there are many polishing, stone setting & finishing techniques, and the pieces can stand on their own or be incorporated into beadwork, etc. It is a blend of pottery, sculpture & silver smithing

Melanie Guerra is giving a class on PMC this month. Information here 

Melanie will also be at Dedham Open Studios coming up on May 20th. 

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