Monday, June 25, 2012

Aerial Photography - Dedham Guild Member, Alice's View

During Dedham Open Studios I met Stuart. He asked if I would be interested in taking some Aerial Photos. Of course, I jumped all over it. What an opportunity.

Stuart and his uncle Jim built this incredible plane in 4 years. Over 14 years of flight it has logged in 800 hours.
2 seat 'top wing' experimental aircraft.
Jim's hanger is out of Plymouth Airport.We left on a hot Thursday morning. The light was perfect as was the view. Seeing Woods Hole, Falmouth, Elizabeth Islands,Plymouth, and New Bedford from the air, is an awe inspirering experience.

Aerial photography is unique. Depth of Field has no baring at 900-1500 ft .altitude. At 90 MPH your shutter speed has to be super fast,  1/250- 1/500. At the correct angle, a polarizer was used.
These 4 photos were taken over Woods Hole.

-Alice Donaldson

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