Friday, June 29, 2012

Setting up a Roving Gallery

Our newest roving gallery

Eye Doctor, Dr Lickteig stopped into the Guild and asked if the Guild would like to use his office as a venue for local art and also decorate his office. He wanted to have artful walls. The space is great for art from the Guild. The space has three blank walls ready for art.

The blank canvas of Dr Lickteig's office

I was the first artist to go on the walls. I brought some handy supplies which included pencil for marking where I should put the nails, a tap measure to make sure all the work is aligned, and a hammer for pounding in the nails. I bought small nails to keep the holes small and my work is not very heavy. At the Gallery when we put up art we eyeball it and it works pretty well. But, I wanted to make sure everything was aligned at this office. People will be looking at the art for a longer period of time.

I decided on making tags that I could tape to the bottom and back of the art. The design has my name, photo title, price and the Guild address. I kept them small and hopefully, they look elegant. I find if you glue or tape labels to a wall it tens to ruin the paint. Also, art can be moved without having to remove the labels.

The art before the labels and below with the labels

At home, I had placed the photos together to decide what photos I liked and to see what photos look together. There was some photo rejection before, going I was ready to hang my work in the Dr's office. It is a process many artists go through.

The walls certainly look more lively. I included my travel and local photos. I went for a more vintage subjects for these photos. Stop by The Dr's office and Lenscrafters on Route one in Dedham and take a look

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