Wednesday, June 6, 2012

"Townie" the Colorful Rabbit has a new home at Whole Foods

 "Townie" has a new home until Fall at Whole Foods in Dedham. He was painted by Guild Member Marietta Apollonio. "Townie" is part of the Dedham Public Art Project

Patrick Senn of Mix it Quik and Marietta mixes concrete for his custom build base. The Bunny has a solid base to sit on that weighs about 200lbs

 Patrick showing Mareitta a good way to make a hand impression in the concrete

"Townie" waiting for the concrete to dry and is eventually placed on the base and secured in it's new home.  

Please check out this video.

Dedham Shines co-founder, Jen Barsamian and Kyle Marnane, Marketing Team Leader at Whole Foods were on hand to help out with the installation.  The Bunny looks wonderful at Whole foods among all the flowers and plants right in front. Stop By!

Thank you to Whole Foods for hosting "Townie"

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