Friday, July 27, 2012

Anatomy of a Miniature - Part Two

by: Richard Humphrey
Dedham, MA
Dedham Guild Gallery Member since 2011
Continuing from Part One - Once the canvas board is cut and gesso primed, it's time to decide on a 
"grouind." For this piece, I've chosen a Cerulean Blue. This color is a blue-green, opaque pigment
that can display good undertones. I've thinned the paint down to a "wash" consistency and completely
covered the entire piece of canvas board. (See Photo 1)

Once the "wash" has dried, I take full strength Cerulean Blue and cover the canvas board. Picking up
some pure Titanium White on a #4 soft hair Filbert brush, I begin the cloud tops, allowing some of the
blue already on the canvas board to blend in for the cloud shadow areas. (See Photo 2)

In this next step, I've taken small amounts of Indigo and Cerulean Blue to create a dark mixture for the "blocking in" of my mountain tops. Utilizing a diamond shaped palette knife, I'm applying this paintver thinly. (See Photo 3) 

Once this paint is applied, allow the entire canvas board to dry.

You can see Richard's mini paintings at the Guild. 

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