Friday, July 13, 2012

Behind the Rabbits, Guild Artists give their thoughts

 Lisa Houck's initial sketch and finished Rabbit for the Dedham Public Art Project

"Suffice it to say, it was amusing to have a huge bunny hanging out of the back of my car driving down the VFW Parkway on the way to my studio. I got lots of smiles and funny looks.  Then it was odd and amusing to have a huge bunny in my studio for over a month.  I painted it the way I paint everything: with color and pattern and energy and enthusiasm.  The ears were challenging...I had to walk around and around to get the spirals to work on the ears.The bumps and lumps of the bunny presented a few obstacles as I tried to get sinewy spirals to move all over the body.  I am still surprised every time I drive by the Community House in Dedham and I see my bunny contemplating a nibble of grass."

Sponsored by: Dedham Community House and Dedham Parent Time
Location: Dedham Community House, 671 High Street 

Gary Koeppel poses with his Rabbit

"I started thinking about rabbits in a field and the fantasy of Alice In Wonderland. Being a landscape painter I thought it appropriate that the rabbit should be in a landscape. With the sky and clouds in the upper part of the rabbit and the garden below the rabbit suddenly became a giant. The day lilies are from right out of my garden. Painting on a three dimensional object was a new challenge for me adding an additional element to the visual illusion of "Bunny In The Clouds".

Sponsored by: Launch Sponsors
Location: Petruzziello Plaza, corner of Washington and Bryant Street

"Leroy" also known as "Peace"
By Jill Barry
 and Mike Glowacki, Veteran, Iraq and Somalia

"When Mike and I applied for a rabbit, we talked about a lot of different designs that we could do, but kept coming back to the "real rabbit" idea.  We decided that we didn't want to change the rabbit, we just wanted to try to bring him to life.  Our main goal was to get the glass to look like fur, so we spent a lot of time thinking about the shape and size that we wanted the glass to be, and also the direction in which to place it.  We then hand cut and filed each piece, to avoid any sharp edges. That was a really tedious and time consuming process. We came up with a system and a timeline to help us, and constantly had to check our status to see what we needed to get done, to meet the 8 week deadline. We worked in piles of 100 in order to keep track of the number of glass pieces that is took to make him, which was 23,511. Teamwork was definitely an important part of our rabbit. While we both work with glass, our approach to HOW we work, is very different. There isn't one section of the rabbit that was completed without being discussed and decided upon ahead of time, and I think the combintion of our ideas is what really made our rabbit successful. We had a lot of fun making him, and are really happy with how he turned out. This was a great opportunity, and we are truly thankful to be part of it."

Sponsored by: Anonymous donor in memory of Joe Pagliuca, WWII Army Veteran
Location: Oakdale Square Common

For more information about the rabbits please go to Dedham Shines and check out thier other community projects

More Guild Artist Rabbits to come, stay tuned

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