Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Anatomy of a Miniature - Part Four

by: Richard Humhrey
Dedham Guild Member since 2011
Continuing on from the August 2nd Part Three blog post - Now that the canvas board has had time to 
dry, we're going to start adding some detail work
Remember - the base color for all the color mixes we're going to do is Ceruean Blue. Color Continuity.
Using Viridian Green and a touch of the Cerulean Blue, mix the two together to create a dark, greenish-
blue mixture. This color should be very dark, however, somewhat transparent. Using a #2 Flat Bristle 
Brush, loaded with the mix, tap downward and across to form your "tree-line." (See Photo 1)

 Once this color has been applied, take your 3/0 Liner Brush, and using short, quick, vertical strokes, drag
some of this color upwards to give you the "impression" of tree tops. (See Photo 2)

At the base of this tree-line, tap in some Titanium Whitem, blending it upwards into the distant trees. This
gives the "impression" of mist and also serves to "push" the tree-line farther into the distance. Carry the
white downwards to create your lake water, picking up a bit of the tree mixture and sweeping it across the
canvas to give the water a sense of "depth." (See Photo 3)

Allow this to dry. In Part Five of the series, we'll be looking at "blocking in" the foreground area, deciding
where our shapes will be placed and planning the remainder of our color palette to use in the Finale of the
series. Stay tuned!!!

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