Thursday, August 23, 2012

Anatomy of a Miniature - Part Six

by: Richard Humphrey
Dedham, MA
Dedham Guild Member since 2011
Moving forward from Part Five - we're going to create a medium green with
our palette knife of Cerulean Blue, Sap Green and Lemon Yellow. Using out
1/4" Angle Shader, we're going to lightly tap "highlights" onto the fore-
ground trees. (See Photo 1)

In this next phase, we're going to use a palette knife to lay in our walking
path with a Van Dyke Brown / Cerulean Blue mixture. Highlight the path
with a touch of white on the palette knife using sweeping, horizontal strokes.
Keep an eye on your perspective. The trail gets wider as it nears the bottom
of the canvas.

Now using the green mixture from previous, we're going to add a touch of
Yellow Ochre to tone down the green. Take your #2 Flat Bristle Brush to
begin laying down our brush along the path. (See Photo 2)

In this last step, we'll take pure Lemon Yellow to add a few bright high-
lights to the bushes and shrubs. And the painting is complete! (See Photo 3)

These small miniatures are a gateway to larger scale pieces. The same
techniques can be applied to any size painting you might want to attempt.
The final piece of this series, entitled "Distant Mountains" is now currently
at the Gallery along with a number of additional Minis.
Feel free to contact me at should you have any
questions or visit my Facebook page at

Drop by the Gallery to see Rich's art in person

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