Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Endicott Tree, Glass art by Guild Member, Jill Barry

By Jill Barry

The idea for the tree came after I found some clear glass at the glass store, and the texture reminded me of a tree trunk. Becasue it was clear, I used enamel paint to color it, and started building the tree. As I was making it, I started thinking about an old tree at the Endicott Estate that I have always loved.  

Every time I am there, I always go and visit this tree, and have done so since I was a kid. When you stand under it, and look up, it makes you feel so small.  That is the view that I was trying to capture with the if you were standing under a tree, looking up. When the mosaic was done, I took my son to go visit the tree, and took some pictures of it...still there, still massive, and still holding all the initials that people have carved into it over the years.

Jill's new work can be seen in The Dedham Guild. Stop by and see her Endicott Estate 
Tree inspired work

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