Monday, September 17, 2012

Apple Making, Ceramic Artist, Lisa W.B. Walker

One of the fun things about the Guild is many times you can walk in and find an artist working on thier art. In this case Lisa Walker.

Lisa decided to make an apple. She is using the pinching technique and forming an apple by hand molding it. She molded two pieces, placed them together, the inside should be hollow. 

She scores the the clay so it will stick together

Her model was this very cool looking green apple

She worked the clay to look like the apple. It was fun to watch her work with the clay to form the apple.

She poked holes in the bottom so it will not blow up in the Kiln when she fires it.

A beautiful clay apple has been made. So good you may want to eat it. well maybe not, just pretend

Lisa has some new pieces in the Gallery. Stop by later this week to see them.

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