Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Artist Challenge, Richard Humphrey Interview

What inspired you to come up with an Art Challenge for the Dedham Guild?

In speaking with my “Artist Friend Network” on FACEBOOK, it was discovered that numerous galleries throughout the US and also worldwide, hold these “Challenges” as a way of promoting artist participation and keeping artists from getting too bogged down or stagnate in their own work. The Challenges are an exciting opportunity for Artists as they push the individual into exploring possibilities they wouldn’t otherwise explore!

When is the first show? Opening Reception?

Our first “Challenge” was issued August 1st, to the theme of “Cape Cod.” Originally, the first show event would have taken place in September, however a prior engagement had taken its place. I am pleased to announce that our first Artist Challenge Opening Reception will be held on October 18th, with a Preview Event for Patron Members on the 17th. Each subsequent Challenge will have an Opening Reception roughly 6 weeks after the issuing of the Challenge. These “Third Thursday” shows will be held monthly, with the Preview Patron Member show the day before.

Why the theme Cape Cod?

I’ve been asked by numerous Members of the Guild as to why I choose the theme “Cape Cod.” When I originally issued this particular Challenge, I wanted a theme that went along with “Summer.” For most people, August signifies the closing month of summer and they’re all looking for that last “hoorah” and where better to spend that time than on the beaches of Falmouth, strolling the avenues of Provincetown, seeing the sights on Martha’s Vineyard. 

Photo by Kerry Hawkins

What makes this show so exciting?

This is an opportunity for the Artists and the Community to interact around a central theme. Each Artist in their own right will capture this “broad-spectrum” theme in a way that relates to them as individuals. One painter may capture Falmouth Beach with creeping sand dunes and calm seas, while a photographer might capture the hustle-bustle of a busy Provincetown thoroughfare, whilst a potter might envision a coffee service for two embedded with seashells. There are limitless possibilities one might see at any given Show.

How many Guild Artists are participating? and what mediums?

We have 17 participating Artists for this first event. We will be featuring the works of Potters, Photographers, Mosaic Artists, Painters; Oils, Watercolors, and Acrylics, and Jewelers!!

Will the challenges be open to artists from the community in the future?

As a “test” project, I wanted to put this concept out there the first couple of months to solely Members of the Guild to have a few “trial runs,” to iron out the rough spots and finalize last minute details that cropped up. I’m confident that beginning December 1st, the Guild will begin taking Public Submissions. For aspiring artists, this will be a great opportunity for them to share their work.

Will there be more monthly challenges?
I have re-designed the project so that, yes, there will be a “Challenge” issued on the first of every month. Themes will vary monthly so as everyone who so chooses, has an opportunity to participate. I have taken the opportunity to “map out” the next few Challenges, and also, I will be randomly putting out a “Call to Artists” for suggestions on themes.

Any hint on upcoming themes?

While I won’t divulge the entire list, I can tell you that upcoming themes will include “Lights”, “Greens”, and “Dots”!!

Photo by Kerry Hawkins

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