Thursday, September 27, 2012


We are celebrating with all of you, our patrons and supporters, because we couldn't have done it without you!

Join us on Thursday October 4th from 5-8pm.
One Year Anniversary Celebration AND Opening reception for Artists of the Month: Lisa W.B. Walker and Cindy Mootz

Lisa W. B. Walker — Fall 2012 Collection

(photo courtesy of lisa w.b. walker)

"My fall collection is seeped in personal references to hosting holidays in my own home. Inspired by images from my personal china pattern, surfaces are embellished with leaves, stripes and dots. A piece like this carved leaf plate can be hung on a wall or used functionally to serve food. Each piece is a one of a kind created just for this collection."

Fun Fact From Lisa: The dark blue pieces in this collection, such as the dip bowl in the photo above, were all thrown at the Dedham Square Farmer's Market

Cindy Mootz — Strictly Monotypes
(photo courtesy of cindy mootz)

Artist Cindy Mootz will be exhibiting a collection of her monotypes for the month of October. Monotypes are one-of-a-kind prints that are made by creating a painted image on a “plate” (plastic, metal or even gelatin) and then transferring the image to a piece of paper. Each monotype is unique and cannot be duplicated. Cindy's exhibit will include larger prints made with a printing press and smaller prints that were done using a gelatin “plate” and a manual transfer technique.

free demos with our Artists of the Month
demos are held at the Dedham Square Artist Guild gallery located at553 High Street in Dedham Square.

thursday october 11th from 7-8pm

Artist Cindy Mootz talks about the process of monotype printing and demonstrates one type using gelatin (yes, the type used in food!). This will be a "hands on" demonstration and attendees will be encouraged to try it!

(photo courtesy of cindy mootz)

thursday october 25th from 7-8pm

Ceramic Artist, Lisa W.B. Walker demonstrates handbuilding fall fruits. Starting with a ball of clay, she will create an apple and pear and maybe even a small pumpkin. Have a look at her process on our blog:

(photo courtesy of lisa w.b. walker)

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