Friday, September 21, 2012

Marching Band and More...Luke Barry Opening Reception

Luke Barry with His Mom and Dedham Guild Artist, Jill Barry pose with his wonderful work.

Luke's friends and family gathered at the Guild to see his show

One of the highlights of the evening was the Dedham High School Marching band starting of the reception with a song. Many of Luke's art is inspired by Marching bands. The Band was terrific and was so gracious to offer their time to play in front of the Guild.

Luke just loved seeing the marching band and so did the friends and family. Many other people poked their heads out of local businesses to see what was going on. It was such a festive atmosphere.

Luke tried a few of the instruments himself

Luke posing with his Dad and the Band

It was a fantastic opening. We would like to thank the Dedham High School Marching Band, Guild Members, Friends and Family for coming out to support Luke and Community Autism Resources

We are hoping to have more of Luke's work the Gallery this weekend. Most of the art sold out last night.

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