Saturday, September 22, 2012

Small Works and Micro Miniatures

by: Richard Humphrey
Dedham, MA

Artists worldwide have used Small Works and Miniatures as a tool for managing color,
organizing compositions, and creating ideas. Many of the techniques used in creating these works, Art unto themselves, are used in fashioning larger scale works. For the Artist, it's a way of learning to adapt. Adaptation is a part of Life. It does not always mean "change" but it pushes us to "take the next step" forward . . .

An Angler's Haven - 5" x 7"
Black Against a Brightening Sky - 6" x 6"
Peaceful Haven - 5" x 7"
Wilderness Falls - 5" x 7"

Artist Richard Humphrey will also be displaying Miniatures at the "Small Works Show" in
December, at NEST in Dedham Square - 622 High Street

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