Sunday, October 14, 2012

Art Night, Monotype Demo by Cindy Mootz

On Thursday, Guild Member,  Cindy Mootz held a monotype demo. It as a fun demo with lots of participation by people who attended. Cindy explained materials and process before starting the demo.

Some of her materials were leaves from her yard.

The thick paper when pressed onto the  gelatin block and leave really capture all the veins and details of the leaf.

Cindy added color using a roller and even placing color onto the block

She added templates and different objects and colors to from layers on her artwork

It was fun to see her use all the materials such as bubble wrap. The possibilities are endless. It is great you can find most of these materials around your home

Participants were able to make there own monotypes and pick out materials and stencils to use in their designs.

One of the ladies that attended demo choose herbs for her work. She used Rosemary and other leafy plants. She had fun layering them on the paper and also using stencils to add more interest.

The results were beautiful.

Stay tuned for future demos and maybe a class by Cindy Mootz

You can see her monoprints at the Dedham Guild.

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