Friday, November 9, 2012

A New Chapter, Dedham Bunnies

Spiral Bunny by Lisa Houck
Books made from Woodcut Art by Cat Ciccolo Tucker

Dead Author Series by Townie's Designer Marietta Apollonio
Painting by Marietta Applonio

Lady Bug Bunny by Sue Hoy

Last Saturday, a party was held to say farewell to the Dedham Public Art Project Rabbits.  They were auctioned off to new homes. The Glass Bunny, "Leroy" will stay in Dedham. Dedham Shines is working on a new home for him. Bengal Bunny was raffled off. He will have a new home in a Dedham family's home. He will eventually live somewhere in a public space.

The Dedham Guild had several members that had painted the Bunnies. Cat Ciccolo Tucker, (Avery Oak Bunny) and Marietta Apollonio ( Townie Bunny) were on hand to demonstrate their work. Along with other bunny artists who had their work on display next to their bunnies. It was wonderful to meet the talent behind these wonderful designs.

The party was lively and a fun way to see all the bunnies together on display. It was a fun day for families.

Thank you to Dedham Shines for working so hard to put this party together. We will miss the bunnies but are very grateful for having them all around Dedham.

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  1. Thanks to Dedham Guild for being such passionate advocates of the Dedham Public Art Project. These creative chapters have had an enduring impact on the Dedham community and beyond - and will be remembered for decades to come! Thank you to all the artists who make Dedham SHINE!!!