Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Book Making Demo, Cat Ciccolo Tucker

Cat Ciccolo Tucker gave a book making demo on Sunday afternoon. She uses her own art to make the covers of her books. Sometimes she makes new art for the cover or uses prints from previous work.

 She showed how to glue the pieces on to the board

Cat is very skilled at folding and glueing these covers. This is the very beginning of a formation of a book.

Cat explained the use of inside paper and signatures that go into a book.

She makes books in various sizes. These were colorful smaller covers used for her books. 

She uses different colored string to sew her books. She often picks color to contrast with the cover and make a pretty patten in the side of the book

Cat showed us how to drill holes, set up the signatures and sew the book. She uses a coptic method for sewing her books. There are many tutorials on youtube on this method.

Cat tying off her book.

This give us new appreciation on the work that goes into making one of these beautiful books. Her books are available at the Guild.

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