Saturday, November 24, 2012

New Guild Member, Andrew Osborne

Woodturning first came to my attention about ten years ago. Little did I know that it would soon become a passion. I am largely self-taught through the exploration of the tools and techniques. Trial and error is a wonderful learning experience.

The world provides inspiration. I try to look carefully at and remember what my eyes see. The task then is to translate the image to a tangible work that can be held in one’s hands. Reproducing that image can be a monumental undertaking. When the result is successful, it brings me closer to the beauty that surrounds us in myriad forms. I look also to my emotions and express in my work the feelings that come to me in the course of designing each piece.

Some pieces take months to develop. Others spring out in final form. Of course, when dealing with a living medium such as wood, consideration must be given to the physical properties of each species and the intended use. This requirement influences the design and the creative process. It is often the case that a design will evolve during the time I am working on a piece. Not infrequently the final result is vastly different from the original conception.

Lastly, I have been known for an impish sense of humor and have at times embodied this trait in some my work. Whether this is successful, I leave to you to judge. For me, the pleasure is in the conception and the process of creation. I hope that the results of my efforts resonate in you.
-Andrew Osborne

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