Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Talented Artists, Gillian, Melanie and Iris at Rosindale Open Studios

One of the wonderful things about the Guild is the wide variety of art and craft in the gallery.

These fiber bowls are by Iris Sonnenschein. They are vibrant and have very fun needle work

Next to Iris at Rosindale Open Studios is photographer and guild member, Gillian Jackson. Gillian has recently started painting and it was wonderful to see the photograph she was inspired by for her newest painting. Both have brilliant color.

Gillian is also trying a new metal prints for her art. They seemed to really pop on the metal material.

From Iris's Goddess Series. All with fun and famous quotes.

We wandered over to another group space to see all the art and visit Melanie Guerra. Melanie is a jewelry artist and photographer. Her photography is bright and full of details much like her jewelry. Melanie also offers photo ornaments of her work. They are sure to pop on any tree, but they can also be a nice wall decoration.

Come by the Guild to see all of Iris, Gillian and Melanie's work and designs

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