Saturday, January 19, 2013

Artist Event, Peter H. Reynolds at the Dedham Guild

Peter H. Reynolds was our artist event last week. He spoke and drew at the Guild on Thursday night.
He also signed the book "So few of Me" and gave them to guests of the Guild

He spoke about his start in book publishing and creating art. Where he went to college and his background in communications. One of the many highlights was watching him draw and come up with ideas.

Peter spoke about his book illustrations and the process in getting the books published from idea to the marketplace. He also gave us a sneak peek for a newly written and illustrated holiday book coming out in November.

Peter is a very engaging speaker and his work appeals to all ages

One of the funnest things about his talk is how he collaborates with other authors and uses flash cards to draw out a book before the illustrations are begun for the final book.

There were some young artists at the talk and they had fun drawing along

If you ever have a chance to see Peter H. Reynolds speak about his work it is well worth the trip. It was great to have him stop by the Guild and talk about his art and inspirations.

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