Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Looking back at 2012 II

In July 2012, The blog had a series called Anatomy of a Miniature by Richard Humphrey. To read about this series please go here

Also, In July and a good part of the summer we hosted dedham Rabbits until they were placed in their temporary homes. This one is painted by Iris Sonnenschien. His name is Patch

In August 2012, Guild member and co-founder painted a utility box and was sponsored by Dedham Shines. This is part of Dedham Shines public art programs. Read about it here and see the transformation.

September 2012 was a very busy month for the Guild and an exciting one.

The Dedham Guild hosted a Luke Barry...Mini artist event. Proceeds benefitted community Autism Resources and Luke's art fund. Luke Barry is Guild Artist, Jill Barry's, son and is a prolific artist in his own right. Friends and family enjoyed the art and the thier was a special visit by the Dedham High School Band. More here

Also in September, art challenges was launched. It was the idea of Richard Humphrey. There is a plan in the future to open this up to the public. Some of the themes were Cap Cod and Fall in New England. The story here. It was wonderful to see all the interpretations on the themes

Fall photo by Kerry Hawkins

More tomorrow...

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