Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Meet Guest Artist, Marie E. Maloof at the Guild

Join us this Friday 12-6pm and Saturday 12-4
Meet Guest Artist, Marie E. Maloof at the Guild

Her work features hand woven bangles, bracelets and necklaces. Materials include leather, 
suede, plastic and fabric.

Neuroscientist by day, fashionista by night.
While coping with an illness, I returned to weaving keychains, something that I loved to do as a child, finding the repetitive action calming. After a few hundred keychains, I decided to try my hand at other forms of weaving to achieve the same calming effect while creating something a bit more stylish and wearable. That was the beginning my jewelry production. Leather and suede have been the perfect media in which to create a more upscale woven piece. I do still work in lanyard material, but I have done a twist on it to make it more chic. My works includes mostly bracelets, but I have begun ventures into earrings, necklaces, and hairpieces. I hope that you enjoy what I make and wear it in good health.

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