Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Introducing new Guild Member, Mark Dooley

The Dedham Guild has a new Member, Artist and Dedham Resident, Mark Dooley

Look for his art soon in the Gallery

Artist Statement: Mark Dooley
My current work is inspired from the landscape, a subject matter I have always been drawn to. I tend to choose scenes that are compelling through their mood or colors. Once a composition is settled upon through preliminary sketches, I begin small encaustic studies and monoprints. Often some of these small works become finished pieces while others inform larger encaustic paintings in the future.

The use of encaustic paint creates rich layers of color and texture that add to the complexity of a final painting. The medium also enables my process to become increasing intuitive and playful. My favorite tools include a palette knife, household iron, and heat gun. My goal with all of these works is to create beauty through color and texture, while fostering a process that is creative and compelling for myself.

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