Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Introducing New Member, Natalya Kuzmicheva of the Republic of Art

How long have you been doing your art?
I have been doing my art of silk scarves since 1992 to thisday.

Why did you decide to concentrate on Fabrics?
I decided to concentrate on fabrics because I wanted to create a new fashion line in the womens' wardrobe.

What do you call your process?
I use the method of cold batic.

What do you like most about working with Fabric?
We like most  that the silk maintains bright colors
the longest of all art materials.

Do you paint more than scarfs? if so what kind of items you work on?
We also make silk tunics,blouses, and skirts.

What inspires you?
My  inspiration  comes from everyday life; our lives, our  emotions, and nature. When you paint a silk scarf, you express yourself and everything around you. Every  scarf  is unique in its own way.

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