Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Artist Interview, Encaustic Artist, Mark Dooley

Artist Interview, Mark Dooley

Can you tell me about these two pieces?

They are both forest scenes inspired from pictures I took. In the square painting I was trying to capture the feeling and colors of a windy autumn day. Autumn is one of my favorite things to explore through art. I enjoy the colors and feel of the season. In the other piece I enjoyed the composition and thought it would be interesting to interpret a dense forest.

What kind of technique did you use to create these?

They were both made with encaustic, the process of melting beeswax. Encaustic has a wonderful shimmer, smell, and richness that I enjoy. Various tools used include a hot plate, heating gun, an iron, palette knives, and paint brushes. I mix by own colors from a combination of dried pigments, wax, and damar crystals for gloss. Sometimes I add oil pastels or paint to the wax for different effects. The oil pastels can add pops of intense color.

How long have you been doing this technique?

About 7 years.

What inspires your work?

Nature and the seasons, especially autumn. I have always been drawn to the landscape.

Are you self taught in this technique?

Yes I am self-taught. I've experimented with nearly every artistic techniques at some point and figured I would give encaustic a try. From the beginning really enjoyed it although there were issues with color and consistency. I explored different types of wax such as paraffin. That did not work well and the wax crumbled off over time. When mixing my own colors sometimes they were too concentrated or too transparent or not mixed uniformly. Through research I discovered the proper ratio of powdered pigments, wax, and damar crystals.

Why did you decide to join the Guild?

I live nearby and had been aware of the guild when it first began. After attending a few events it seemed like a dynamic group of people and artwork.

Are you working on any new projects?

Recently I have been working on larger charcoal drawings also related to nature. I have always enjoyed drawing and it's great to get back into it. I discovered a strong way to finish the drawings is to mount them on wood and then coat with beeswax. The final result is rich and unique. 

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  1. Very beautiful work, Mark! Enjoyed hearing about your process with beeswax.