Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Spoons, New Necklaces in the Guild

We asked Mansfield and Guild Artist, Jill Barry why she started to make these lovely pendants.

"The idea for these pendants simply came from a spoon in an antique store that caught my eye. The pattern on it was really unique and beautiful. I started digging through the bin and found so many different ones. It got me thinking about how you use them everyday, but you usually don't pay attention to what your holding. I went home and researched how to work with the metals and ended up with these. I love the idea that you can take something like a spoon, give it new life, and make the beautiful patterns a focal point. They're everyday pieces of art."

These are in the Guild now. We love that they are an up-cycled and are very beautiful with their ornate details. They are sure to be a conversation piece.

This is a great Valentine gift idea!

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