Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Art piece of the Week

From Wendy Birchmire on her mosaic piece

I had never done a purely abstract piece before. All of my work had been mirrors or clocks. I was anxious to try something different. Since I already had plenty of sheets of blue and green glass, that seemed to be the way to go. 

Anyway, those are my favorite colors! Since I am not an artist who can visualize a piece on paper and then transfer it, I started in the bottom and on the top of the board, randomly cutting glass and placing it where it appealed to my eye. By starting at both ends I could tell that the piece would be similar when it met in the middle. 

Detail of this piece
I placed the cut pieces and swapped them out before glueing them if they didn’t look pleasing to me. Pieces of jewelry and glass beads were added to change the look of the artwork. Eventually, about 2 days later, the two sides came together in the middle. After leaving the work for a day so that the glue set securely, I decided nothing needed changing and the piece was completed by grouting it and painting the sides and back.
Full Piece by Wendy
Come see this piece in the Guild!

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