Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Glassblower and Guild member, Kevin Becker at Snow Farm

Photo by Snow Farm

Photo by Snow Farm

Glassblower and Dedham Square Artist Guild member Kevin Becker recently spent 4 days at an intensive advanced training with master glassblower Jordana Korsen and six other students.  The course was held at  Snow Farm – The New England Craft Program in Williamsburg, MA.  

‘One of the best things about the course was the ability to simply immerse myself in glassblowing.  Being at Snow Farm with the sole purpose of honing my skill and expanding my creative horizons allowed me to take full advantage of the  12 hours a day in the hot shop. Jordana is a highly skilled glassblower and a truly talented teacher.’  

The students worked together to support each others’ goals and vision for the four day period.  

This is the second time I’ve enrolled in this course and each time I have left with new direction and skills that will immediately influence the pieces I make.  I focused largely on sculpting, the use of color, and blowing larger pieces during my time there.  As a result, in the next few weeks and months my work at the DSAG will begin to show these influences.’

By Kevin Becker

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