Sunday, August 3, 2014

“How I've been spending my summer vacation” by Artist, Cindy Mootz

“How I've been spending my summer vacation”

I'm not sure what I was thinking. I usually like to take an art class to keep my creative juices flowing, but have never been able to fit one in during the summer, as I spend part of the summer up at our lake house. I've been doing gelatin monotype printing for several years and when I saw there was a 6-week online class over the summer teaching the technique, I thought it would be a good way to “take it to the next level”. It was also something I could do at home or at the lake, so it fit my schedule well. I was familiar with the teacher's work and knew I would learn something new.

It's been a great class, but I've never worked so hard! There is a new assignment every morning (5 days a week) and as we complete them, we photograph them and post them for the instructor and the class to see. The other students in the class are from all over the world...New Zealand, Australia, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Canada, etc. They are quite talented and keep me on my toes! They are also a very supportive group. It's been fun seeing what work others are doing in different places. Everyone's work is so unique!

So you ask, “what is a gelatin monotype print”? It's actually a technique where you create a printing “plate” using edible gelatin (see photos). You then roll printing ink or paint onto the plate, add texture or shapes, place a piece of paper on top and rub the image onto the paper. Almost anything can be used to create the design! Commonly used items include plant life, bubble wrap, string, spools, the sky is the limit! The advantage of using gelatin is that it's “spongy”, so it picks up the image with just the pressure from the palm of your hand. Other types of monotype printing require an expensive printing press.

I've taught the technique in several workshops through the Dedham Square Artist Guild the past two years and hopefully will do it again in the future. I have some examples of these prints for sale at the Guild and plan to devote my “artist of the month” show at the Guild in November to this technique.

Now back to work!

Cindy Mootz
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