Monday, September 29, 2014

Interview with Lisa Walker, October Artist of the Month

1. When did you first begin working with ceramics?
I took my first ceramics class as a senior in High School. That experience changed the direction of the college process for me to one that included studio arts.

2. What kind of pieces do you focus on?
My work is functional: mugs, bowls, vases, platters. I like to have a variety in my inventory.

3. What is your favorite part of creating ceramic pieces?
My favorite part of creating a piece is the process… the idea, working with the clay, decorating the surface, firing the piece, and interacting with the customer.

4. Do you work with any other mediums?
I use my skills in drawing, painting and photography in my ceramic process.

5. How did you become involved with the Dedham Square Artist Guild?
One of the founders of the guild, photographer Kerry Hawkins and I both sell our work at Custom Art Framing & Gallery 9 in Norwood. It was through that connection that I found out about the guild and applied for membership.

b. Can you explain a little more about what it means to be a featured artist at the gallery?
Over the course of a year, all of the 23 artist members have the opportunity to be a featured artist (wall and/or tabletop) as part of the cooperative spirit of our guild. A featured artist’s work is placed at the front of the gallery in a larger area. Every month, the gallery hosts receptions for featured artists. It is a great opportunity to meet and purchase directly from the artist.

c. The work I am featuring is called “By the Ocean”. It is a collection of functional low fire pottery that has been embellished with images symbolic of summers spent by the ocean with my family.

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