Wednesday, March 4, 2015

March Artist of the Month, Wendy Birchmire


Eco-friendly art can be defined as products made from recycled materials that contain glass, wood, metal or plastic that is reclaimed andmade into something new. I try to contribute to the environment by making some of my artwork with recycled materials. This show highlights mosaics and picture frames made from recycled or “upcycled”materials.

The upcycling process begins with taking apart discarded computers and peripherals. Using the most attractive pieces, I can showcases the stunning components in my mirrors and clocks. The final product becomes a piece of art that is suitable for display in the home or business office. Some people have labeled it “Geek Chic!”

All of the picture frames seen in this show have been discarded or passed on to thrift stores. Many were disposed of because the glass was cracked. By taking the glass from an intact, but perhaps unatttractive frame, I can cut it and use it in a more desirable and workable frame. After adding bits of glass, china, or porcelain, the frame comes alive as a piece of art.

Wendy's show will be on view at the Guild for the Month of March

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