Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Artist Showcase: Eileen Kelly

Join us on April 25th from 1pm to 5pm for an artist showcase featuring Eileen Kelly.

Needle Felting work, unique creations that are one of a kind
"Each piece is done freehand, with no pattern. It starts with roving wool (wool before it’s spun into yarn). I use sharp barbed needles to manipulate the fiber, make them interlock and become a dense wool sculpture. The wall hangings are made using hot water and soap to create a super strong material for the background. Then I use more roving and the sharp needle to create the 3D effect. Every piece takes many hours and is an individual labor of love. If you purchase one of my works please know that it is a true original."
— Eileen Kelly

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Sparks, Who Inspires you?


A visual art contest for all Dedham 5th graders sponsored by the Dedham Junior Women’s Club and the Dedham Artist Guild

Contest Rules

 Artwork should be inspired by someone who has inspired you: a favorite teacher, a librarian, a coach, community leader, or any mentor.

 Works can be any medium and can be 2D or 3D. Maximum size: 11x14.

 With your work, include in a 3x5 index card with the answer to the question: "Who inspired you, and how?"

 A panel of three artists from the Dedham Artist Guild will review all the works, and will select the top three for prizes. Prizes will be announced in May. Winners will be announced at the SPARKS Reception on June 2.

Who Can Enter? 

Any 5th grade student who lives in Dedham or goes to school in Dedham.

What is the timeline?

May 20 Last day to enter. 

Submissions can be dropped off at:

Endicott Branch Library, 257 Mount Vernon Street

Dedham Artist Guild, 553 High Street 

May 26- June 2 All entries will be on display at the Endicott Branch library

June 2, 7 pm Reception- open to the public. Top 3 winners announced.

Refreshments will be served.

Contact arts@djwc.org for more information.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Dedham High School Photography Show at the Guild

Students in the Dedham High School photography class have had the opportunity to explore film photography. They learned to shoot with 35mm manual cameras, develop their own film, and print images in the darkroom. Although photography is increasingly becoming digital, and most students had never even seen film before the class, these Dedham High School photographers prove that film photography is still a relevant and inspiring art form. 

Senior Joanna Abramchuk explains, “I love the raw, ethereal quality to film photography and I’m still amazed when I see developer run through photo paper, or see my final product mounted on the wall. Film photography has a natural, mysterious feel to it that digital photography cannot compare to.” 

In class, students will also learn digital photography, but having the knowledge of film gives them a deeper understanding and appreciation of the field. 

Junior Madison Repetto exclaims, “Getting the chance to experiment with film photography gave me the chance to try something new and open up to a new style of creativity.” 

The Dedham High School photography students are excited and proud to share their work with the Dedham community in connection with the Dedham Square Artists Guild for the month of April to show that film’s not dead.

See the work during the month of April starting April 7th the Dedham Square Artist Guild

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Opening Reception for April Artists of the Month

April Artists of the Month: Lisa WB Walker & Gillian Jackson

Join us Saturday April 11 from 5pm to 7pm, for an opening reception featuring our artists of the month, Lisa WB Walker and Gillian Jackson.

Lisa WB Walker
From the dark days of winter, spring has finally arrived; the surfaces of my pots are rejoicing! Brush strokes filled with glaze dance across the surface in a repetitive manner evoking playful order. Blue buds of color join planes of glossy blue to celebrate both land and sea. My spring collection is functional stoneware, easily used and beautifully versatile as it can exist on a dresser top or a table top or hung on a wall. The work I create is meant to be felt in your hand, seen by your eye and used in a way that becomes personal to you.

Gillian Jackson — Unexpected Boston
To capture this group of photographs I walked and drove around Boston and its neighborhoods with a 400mm lens, and looked where I would not normally look, and took images in places that I would not normally consider; a liquor store parking lot, a view of Zakim Bridge through the streets of East Boston or a gargoyle or chimney hidden up in the roofline.

There are also several skyline views to satisfy my traditional bent!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Easter Baskets by Lisa Walker



Every year when spring rolls around, I create clay baskets.  They symbolize new life, growth, Easter, spring, childhood, flowers and more.  The design varies from year to year making them fun to collect.
IMG_3514This year, my basket inspiration comes from this beautiful silver basket that I’ve had for many years.  I love the way the rim undulates and the handle rises up.  It’s a lovely size for jewelry or as a candy bowl.
This past year, I participated in a workshop, hosted by Potters Place, with Delaney Wise.  Delaney is a ceramic artist and teacher at Harvard.  She taught us many things including how to create an undulating rim.  I thought this technique might work well this year’s baskets.IMG_3052 My form starts on the potter’s wheel as a bowl with a thickened rim.
Cutting the rim deliberately and then removing those pieces produces an area that can be softened and then manipulated.
IMG_3056 When I find the shape I like, the bowl is removed from the wheel and squished to make ready for the basket handles.
IMG_3058 I created a few new stamps and this one felt right on my baskets… a little flower.IMG_3326I hand pull my handles and attach them to the leather hard clay.  The stamp acts as decoration and added assurance that the handle is attached securely to the vessel.
IMG_3328This year’s baskets are ready for eggs, plants, candy or treasures.  They are for sale at theDedham Square Artist Guild in Dedham Square.  Hop over to get yours! Happy Spring!