Monday, April 13, 2015

Dedham High School Photography Show at the Guild

Students in the Dedham High School photography class have had the opportunity to explore film photography. They learned to shoot with 35mm manual cameras, develop their own film, and print images in the darkroom. Although photography is increasingly becoming digital, and most students had never even seen film before the class, these Dedham High School photographers prove that film photography is still a relevant and inspiring art form. 

Senior Joanna Abramchuk explains, “I love the raw, ethereal quality to film photography and I’m still amazed when I see developer run through photo paper, or see my final product mounted on the wall. Film photography has a natural, mysterious feel to it that digital photography cannot compare to.” 

In class, students will also learn digital photography, but having the knowledge of film gives them a deeper understanding and appreciation of the field. 

Junior Madison Repetto exclaims, “Getting the chance to experiment with film photography gave me the chance to try something new and open up to a new style of creativity.” 

The Dedham High School photography students are excited and proud to share their work with the Dedham community in connection with the Dedham Square Artists Guild for the month of April to show that film’s not dead.

See the work during the month of April starting April 7th the Dedham Square Artist Guild

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