Wednesday, May 6, 2015

May Artist of the Month, Dennis Stein and Sumi-e painting demonstration

Art Opening for May Artist of the Month, Saturday 6-8pm

Plastic cameras have been a cult phenomenon for many years. I discovered them in the 1980's and used them frequently through the 1990's. I also printed many of the negatives in my black-and-white darkroom. The image one gets from a plastic camera are unique and unpredictable. They tend to be soft around the edges and a bit sharper in the center. There are light leaks and other imperfections, which add to the serendipity one gets from using them. There are a number of plastic cameras still being made, including the Holga and an updated version of the Diana. I still use these on occasion, scanning the negatives and digitally printing them.
— Dennis Stein

Sumi-e Art Demonstration, Tsun Ming Chmielinski

SaturdayMay 9th 5pm to 6pm

Cost: Free to the public

One of our accomplished artists, Tsun Ming Chmielinski, was trained by a Chinese Zen Master in this classical brush and ink art form since she was a teenager. Tsun Ming will be demonstrating Sumi-e painting, a spontaneous expression of the essence of natural subjects that goes beyond its simple representation. You will learn to appreciate the level of concentration and skill required to produce these natural scenes. During the demo, Tsun Ming will create elegant, simple, spontaneous paintings using ink and watercolor on rice paper.

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