Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Elisa Jacobs Trunk this Friday, November 27th

Join us on Friday November 27th, from 1-5 pm, for a trunk show with artist Elisa Jacobs

About the Artist:
As a young girl, a box of beads from a neighbor and summers spent at a glacier formed sleep away camp on Long Island, NY, finding agates and quartz, were the beginning of a lifelong passion for jewelry artist, Elisa Jacobs.

She honed her skills to a marketable level, in Hawai'i, the year her daughter was born. Inspired by the beauty of the islands, the designs for her jewelry art collection incorporate gemstones, freshwater pearls and assorted new and repurposed items. Her work has been sold in fine galleries, retail stores and juried into top national shows.

Proceeds from her sales are donated to The Tiffany Project (www.thetiffanyproject.org), a nonprofit dedicated to being part of the solution, to the worlds current events, through research, education and social action.

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