Thursday, January 28, 2016

Travel Photo, Ice Castle in New Hampshire

Photo by Alice Donaldson on her recent trip to Lincoln, NH

Have you seen these magnificent creations?

The first time I saw an Ice Castle was in 2014 at Loon Mts. parking lot and was bolled over. All my senses were on overdrive. You knew you were surrounded in this magnificent structure of Ice, yet you weren't cold. The brilliant reflections of light and color, shapes of all sorts, the sound of folks oooing and ahhing, there was even a refreshing smell of the solid ice.

Sunset until closing is my favorite , yet it is still impressive during the day.
-Alice Donaldson

Ice Castles, LLC is a Utah based entertainment company that specializes in large scale events hand crafted from ice.

One of the most unique and amazing facts about the Ice Castles is that they are literally built by hand. We grow more than 5,000 icicles each day that they harvest and sculpt together.
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